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Truly Captivating Digital Portraits

Fully Personalized to Capture Your Beautiful Life

In life, there are many important places, people, events, and even objects that hold substantial meaning for you. Here at Pen + Pixel, we specialize in capturing all of these important pieces of your own life, but in a very beautiful, personalized and digital way!

No matter if you’re looking for an amazing portrait that captures the true essence of your cozy home, a loving relationship, your favorite pet, or even that classic car out in the garage – then we have you fully covered. Check out our shop of canvas prints, framed prints and more here.

Our popular digital portraits will work perfectly for your own home or office, or to be given away as a cherished gift during the holidays, a milestone anniversary, a housewarming gift, or even as a surprising gift to loyal business clients. 

Thanks to our unique and captivating digital portraits that burst with life, stunning design, and gorgeous colors, now you can get the perfect and fully personalized portrait that you want that’ll not only stand the test of time, but also bring you tremendous joy for many years to come!