A Little Bit About Me

I’m a self-proclaimed tech-junkie and now, a full-time digital portrait maker with over 13+ years of digital design studio experience as a web and graphic designer. I currently work from home in northwest Chicagoland (my hometown) along with my husband, my 3 beautiful and amazing daughters, and 4 bonus kids ( my step-kids).


When I first began my college education, I majored in criminal justice. Shortly after earning my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, I soon discovered a new passion that I simply couldn’t ignore. Once I discovered it, I knew deep down that this was going to open up a whole new path for me, and it did. This passion was in the area of the digital arts – more specifically, web and graphic design. 

The first time I dipped my toes into the world of digital design, it was focused in web design only. This introduced to me what was possible when it came to the shapes and forms that could be created in a digital art world, and it completely fascinated me. I then began to dabble even more in the digital arts and my passion for this form of art only grew more intensely inside of me. 

The Moment Pen + Pixel Was Born

Once I’d discovered my growing passion for the digital arts, I decided to create a personalized house portrait as a gift for a loyal friend of mine. When she received it, she was absolutely floored by it and raved about how unique and beautiful it was. At that time, I had a bit of an “AHA!” moment. I decided, why not try and sell a few of these personalized digital portraits on Etsy – the online craft powerhouse? 

It wasn’t long until the portraits I created began to take off, and my idea for creating my online business Pen + Pixel was born. Now my online store offers everything from beautiful (and fully personalized) digital house portraits, as well as couple portraits, pet portraits and more - all of which come in various styles and formats. 

My passion for design has now spilled over into almost all aspects of my waking life. Not only do I have a great passion for the digital art I create and offer here on Pen + Pixel, but I also love making various gifts for friends and family as well. 

I always have my ‘hustle’ on. And I’m constantly fueling my passion by improving my product offerings and always making sure that every single customer at Pen + Pixel is treated like absolute royalty. I’ve now sold my pieces of digital art to people from all 50 states, and I’m super excited to see where the journey of Pen + Pixel will lead me in the next several years. 

Always Having Fun & Giving Back To Others

As I continue to grow my online digital art business, I also like to have a lot of fun along the way as well. This means enjoying precious moments with my girls, doing a lot of off-roading with my Jeep (and being involved in my local Jeep community), jamming out to country music, and also doing charity rides for some really great organizations that include Toys for Tots, St. Judes, Wounded Warriors and Bike Bald.