House Portrait FAQ

Q: Does my photo need to be high-resolution?
 No! Our technique works with low-resolution photos. This includes web-ready size photos that you can get from social media or online.

Q: Can you edit items out of my original photo?
 In most cases, yes! Although there may be an additional charge depending on the complexity. The editing packages can be found here.

Q: Can you add things to my original photo?
Minor edits such as removing a small item, changing the sky to blue, and adding green to the grass are included. Larger edits may require extra time and it's best to message me first so I can make sure I can accommodate your request. Larger edits may require a purchase of edits from here: Photoshop Edits


  • Clear all items that you don't want in the final print from the front porch
  • Move cars from the driveway
  • Open or close all blinds/curtains for a uniform look
  • Avoid taking the photo during the time of day where heavy shadows are on the house

Need a photo for a gift?

Try looking online! Real estate websites often have photos up even if the house is not on the market.