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How to resize your printable art

by | Aug 8, 2021 | Quick Tips

Printable art is awesome! 

The beauty of printable art is that when you redecorate or your style changes (this happens to me more than I care to admit), you can swap out your old art without feeling guilty about spending all that money. Leave over-priced to throw pillows. Why are those things so darn expensive anyhow?!

Another magical thing about digital art is that you can resize it to suit whatever you want to print. Say you buy a wall art printable. Why not turn it into a greeting card? I’m going to show you a simple way to do this with a program you probably already have on your computer.

There is one caveat. The file must be a PDF. If you’ve downloaded the printable above, it is already in PDF format for you. When I create my designs for sale on Etsy, I almost always use a JPG because some photo labs like Walgreens don’t accept a PDF file. Here are a couple of options if your file is not a PDF..

Option 1

If you’re buying your art on Etsy you can ask the seller if the file is in PDF format. If it’s not, the majority of Etsy seller will happily send you the file in a format you request.

Option 2

Convert your file into a PDF easily all on your own. All you have to do is open it, click File > Print, then look for the PDF option.

Once you click the little dropdown arrow, you’ll see an option to SAVE AS PDF.  Click that! Now, this may be a slightly different process for Windows users. I have a Mac and this is a screenshot from my Print window.

Resizing the PDF

Once you have your file in PDF form, here are steps to resize it.

I’ve recorded you a short video to show you how to do it in case you’re more visual like me.

Step 1
Download Adobe Reader if you don’t already have it. It’s free.

Step 2
Open your printable art PDF file in Adobe Reader 

Step 3
Click File > Print

Step 4

Click the Page Setup button

Step 5

Click your desired size and click OK

Step 6

Select the option called Fit

Step 7


Keep in mind that you should already have this size paper loaded into your printer. If you don’t you’re going to have to do some trimming.

Happy creating!

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