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I can’t wait to hear more about how I can help you with a unique gift, increasing your referrals, client retention—or perhaps an intersection of all three? Fist pump, yes!

Jennifer York


P.O. Box 692
Hampshire, IL 60140

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST



Are your house portraits hand-painted?

No, this is a digitally created rendering. It is not simply a filter. It’s a custom set of actions for Photoshop that were created by me.


Does my photo need to be high-resolution?

No! My technique works with low-resolution photos. This includes web-ready size photos that you can get from social media or online.


Where can I get the digital file printed?

Printing your digital file is easy! Get the free guide here for the specifics on my best recommendations.


How quickly can I get a portrait?

In as little as a day! Digital files can be delivered to you to print in as little as 24 hours with a rush processing upgrade. Fine art prints that are shipped take on average 1-2 weeks from the time you place your order until the time you receive your print. 


What if I need edits to my photo?

On all portraits, I will change the sky to a bright & happy blue, fix up the grass, and add leaves to stick trees.

I can edit out or in almost anything! However, depending on the complexity of the edit, and additional charge may apply.

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